“Surely there is a need to “re-animate” the economy!”. Do you remember where that phrase is from? Yes, Pope Francis wrote it two years ago in his letter to the young people in Assisi. Two years later, we are not young people scattered with the dream of a new economy. We are a movement in an ongoing process.

If you are a young economist, entrepreneur or change-maker, and would like to join this movement, please fill out the application form.

We are waiting for you! https://bit.ly/3uJ9ovh


Young people, up to 35 years of age, engaged in the fields of:
• RESEARCH: Students and scholars in Economics and other related disciplines (Master’s students, PhD students, young researchers). Basic requirement: university degree.
• BUSINESS: entrepreneurs, managers with already started activities or defined projects that are under development.
• CHANGEMAKERS: Promoters of activities at the service of the common good and of a just, sustainable and inclusive economy.

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